Patti Smith's writing discipline

Alec Baldwin interviewed Patti Smith on his podcast Here's The Thing and 25 minutes in, he asked her about that period when she "went off the grid" for sixteen years and raised her two children. Alec Baldwin teases the creative quiet and asks if she painted. She answers no,

"...but I wrote everyday. I could never have written Just Kids or the books that I'm writing now had I not had 16 years of enforced discipline. 'Cause I've always been very undisciplined unless I had a job or something. But then having children, I had to learn to wake up at 5 in morning and from 5 to 8 was my writing time. Everybody was asleep and it was my time. And it was really hard at first, but then after awhile it got in a groove and I still write early in the morning and I really learned how to develop my craft."