Writing tips from Brian Koppelman

In an archival episode of Design Matters, Debbie Millman interviews Brian Koppelman. In the course of the interview, Brian talks about what made him choose writing, what he used to overcome self-doubt, and how he quickly gets over the feeling of failure.

“…I’ve always had an awareness that if I’m not leading from a place of curiosity and fascination, I become sad and angry and miserable, and then I could be that way to the people that I love.”

“I think morning pages, because of Julia Cameron’s morning pages… (…) I started doing morning pages the way she talks about it, three longhand pages, freeform, not censoring yourself, not looking back and reading those pages, and in doing that I started to realize who I wanted to be, who I needed to be, and how to get there.”

“I learned how to put in place for myself, a protocol, a routine, so that I don’t get that way. I do morning pages, I meditate, I take long walks, I go somewhere and I start writing.”

Brian Koppelman's motivational Vines can be found here.