Writing tip: Observation and courage

I received The New York Times Book of the Dead as a gift and plunged into its "literary world" section to find this week's tip. This tip is courtesy of Robert Frost who lived from 1874-1963. Here are two quotes from his obituary:

"I don't like to write anything I don't see." (The obituary remarks: "Thus he recorded timelessly how the swimming buck pushed the 'crumpled' water; how the wagon's wheels 'freshly sliced' the April mire; how the ice crystals from the frozen birch snapped off and went 'avalanching' on the snowy crust.")

"Explaining why he invited Mr. Frost to speak at his inauguration, President Kennedy said, 'I think politicians and poets share at least one thing, and that is their greatness depends upon the courage with which they face the challenges of life.'"