Writing tip: Eileen Myers

This week’s writing tip comes from the Happier in Holywood podcast, episode 25. In the course of an interview with Eileen Myers the hosts Sarah and Liz hone in on procrastination. “Why do you think you procrastinate?” they ask Eileen. Eileen answers, “I think procrastination comes down to two things for me and it’s either fear or resentment.” She explains that fear came in the beginning of her career when she wanted her writing to be great (“and if you want something to be great that is the fastest ticket to not doing anything…”). With time, Eileen decided to identify what she wanted from writing and discovered that she wanted the feeling of “the process is gratifying to me.” She describes this as “the idea came to me and it’s my job to pursue it and see it through”. Resentment, she explains, came later in her writing career as she received feedback on what she wrote and had to deal with its negative aspects.

If you want to hear how she deals with it, check out the podcast!