Writing endures

In a recent interview on Longform, here's what Craig Mod had to say about writing. It's a transcription from the podcast, but I would encourage you to listen to the episode, around 45 minutes in. 

The reason why I’m still writing, in part it’s just because I feel like that’s, for me it’s important to do that. I’ve looked at all the stuff I’ve worked on and the thing that has, if you want to make it really evidence-based, it’s like the things that I’ve worked on that have had the most interesting returns, talk like a finance engineer or something, the greatest long-term dividend payouts have been from writing. Like the most interesting people in my life I’ve connected through because of writing, the most interesting adventures I’ve gone on have been because of writing, more than the apps I’ve built, more than the websites I’ve put together. Which is weird in hindsight, looking back on it. I wouldn’t have expected that. But, uh, I think it just speaks to the fact that a condensed, well-formed piece of text has a tremendous amount of power still today, you know, in that all of writing for me is about conversation starting, how do we engage, how do I help people step up to a higher level for us to have a conversation together about something that’s exciting to me in the moment.