Hi, my name is Jacinta. Sitting here at the computer and writing about myself without seeing you is like having a guest over and being unable to offer them anything. I like making people comfortable. But if it would make you comfortable to know a little bit more about me, there’s this…

I was born in Saskatoon to Mark and Denise McAvoy the day before Christmas in 1983. I’m the oldest of four and as soon as I finished high school, I took off to France for a brief one month visit before returning to Canada and living in Quebec for just under two years. In Quebec, I met my husband’s sister and that’s how my husband and I got together. We married in 2005. We count ourselves lucky to be the parents of three children and have made our home in Winnipeg.

Right now I’m a stay-at-home mom which is nice, but probably temporary, because while it’s made me an efficient meal-planner, I’m also working on getting through my fourth year of university so that I can take a Master’s degree in Canadian studies. That won’t be for a while though because I want to age gracefully. Studying part-time is the solution for me, so that I feel mentally engaged while still being present enough to celebrate milestones or watch Netflix with my husband on weekend evenings. If I know anything about what makes me happy it’s in some part due to self-help books, my favourite of which are those by Gretchen Rubin. I write to get better at writing.