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This idea comes from Kottke, who wrote a blog post on December 13th, quoting David Cain who said "Curate your own portfolio. You can get better information about the world from deeper sources, who took more than a half-day to put it together." And from Gretchen Rubin who interviewed Michelle Gielan who said: "I realized there was a better way to broadcast the news that empowered people to believe they could overcome challenges."

I think urban development is fascinating and enjoyed "The Future of Cities" video. (via)

This ties in with an article from earlier this year full of good ideas: 101 Small Ways You Can Improve Your City. (via)

And this is a podcast about the unique design of Salt Lake City by 99% Invisible, titled Plat of Zion.

With the recent news of a new face on Canada's 10$ banknote, '83 to Infinity writes how Viola Desmond's story is different from the one more commonly heard about Rosa Parks.

And because I understand very little of the crisis in Syria, I appreciated this short video by Vox. (via)


There are so many brilliant gift guides, like on Cup of Jo, or The Kid Should See This, or Kottke, that I feel like it would be fun to produce one for all the things available in French in Winnipeg for kids. I'm out of time for 2016, but perhaps 2017? Pictures like this one on Instagram make me want to support and encourage small businesses all the more! 

Winnipeg gift guides that already exist include: Tiny Feast, Winnipeg Mom, and Style Hunter Fox.